Monday, September 10, 2012

Tucked Into Skirts: The Easy Way

Right now everywhere I go, girls are tucking their shirts in.

Picture found here

They're tucking shirts into jeans, into skirts, some even into shorts.

For the most part, it looks great!  Tucked in shirts look so much cleaner for some reason, and definitely can pull an outfit together.

For some reason, the art of "tucking in a shirt" is one I'm still learning.  So, when I see 2-in-1 combo dresses that give me the "tucked-in" look without the hassle, I'll take it.

Here are my favorites:

1.) Perfectly work-appropriate:
Half Stripe Sweater Dress: The Limited, $89.90
2.)  Since I love black and white combos, I had to include the one above and these two below:
Accidentally In Love White Blouse Dress: Piperlime, $59.

Colorblocked Dress, Forever 21: $19.80
Probably best for a night out on the town, but not to work!

3.) With an edge:
Gap Mixed Fabric Dress: $79.95
4.) Girly-girl:
CLuce Polka Dot Dress, Piperlime: $64

5.) Fun and pretty:
Navy Yellow Dress: Shabby Apple, $86.

You may be someone who prefers to buy separates and tuck them in on their own for the look.  If it looks good on you, go for it!
These dresses just make it a little simpler by already combining the two for you.

Unfortunately there is no 2-in-1 combo item of clothing for tucking shirts into jeans.  For that, we're on our own!


agirlnamedgay said...

i must admit, i'm a fan of tucking!

Sarah said...

Same! It's a clean-cut and put-together look!