Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Black and Blue All Over (For Less)

I've posted before on how much I love the look of white and black together.
Lately I've also been loving the look of blue and black together.

1.) Love the look of this, but not so much the price!
Nicole Miller Printed V-Neck Dress:
Neiman Marcus, $575
2.) This one has a similar abstract print and v-neck cut, but with a more modest neckline and a more modest price!  Love it:
Belted Print Dress, Dress Barn, $50

3.) Similar look, similar satin feel from Loft:
Blue Giraffe-Print Dress, Loft: $79.99
(Extra 40% off right now, no code needed)

Perfect for a fall wedding or other such event!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Style

I haven't done a post recently regarding what I've been wearing, so here are a couple of my latest shirts (for under $25!):

1.) At the UM/Massachusetts game.  Great view!
My shirt, from MDen, $22.
I honestly didn't know it was for men when I bought it.
It's comfy though and I love it. Brian's shirt (similar here) 
2.) Night out for my 28th birthday at the new Cafe Habana on Main Street in Ann Arbor.     :
My shirt: Forever 21, $17.80 similar here
Brian's shirt, here, right now for a sale price on certain colors 

 If you're planning on coming to Ann Arbor at all this fall - I recommend attending a football game and having a night out on the town!  Nowhere beats pure Michigan in the fall. :-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Blue Suede Shoes (For Less)

A little unexpected pop of color can really make an outfit.

I love the look of a black outfit with bright blue heels.

Beyonce with bright blue pumps

LC with a one-shoulder top and blue pumps

1.) I found a cute pair at Nordstrom:

Rachel Roy Pumps, Nordstrom: $225
2.) Then, found a pair for less at Piperlime:
Jessica Simpson heels, Piperlime: $79.00

3.) Then, a look-alike pair for even less at Kohls:

Rock and Republic for Kohls: $34.97

What a steal!  I'd pair them with black skinny pants and a black top like LC did above.

I've never tried it, but I'm sure just wearing bright blue shoes would brighten anyone's mood!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Neutral and Noteworthy

Some people may feel that beige is a little boring.

Not me!

I feel the look of simple, understated neutrals.

And the fact that a solid, neutral dress or shirt can be worn again years from now and not look "out".

1.) Classic tan dress:
Dress, J.Crew: $180

Dress, J.Crew (old)

2.) Similar for less:
Dress, Forever 21: $27.80

Cardigan, Gap: $49.95

4.) For Less:

Cardigan, Target: $19.99
Nude Pump: Nordstrom, $128.95

Nude Pump: Target, $29.99
Plus, neutrals can be worn with any color in your wardrobe.  They look especially nice with a bold necklace or layered with a brightly colored top.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Must find this sweater (for less)

Recently, I was browsing Pinterest, when I came across the most amazing fall sweater, and decided immediately I had to have it.

I am constantly on the search for clothing that is cute yet comfortable.  (This blog may be more about comfortable clothes than fashionable clothes I've realized...)

This sweater stood out at me on Pinterest and it fits the bill perfectly.
It would feel like you're wearing a blanket all day!  How amazing and cozy!

Souchi Cashmere Cowl Neck Sweater, $686

Hold up.  The price tag just about did me in.  $686 for this dreamboat sweater.  Well that's about $600 too much for me.

So, I began a search.

I hoped to find the exact sweater but cheaper somewhere (possibly in merino instead of cashmere).  I searched high and low.  I'm still searching now...

Here are the closest options I've found (so far!):

Rest Day Pullover: Lululemon, $88
Cowl Hooded Sweater: Athleta, $89

San York Alpaca Pullover, Sierra Trading Post: $59.95
Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater, Ann Taylor: $68
All the above sweaters/sweatshirts are just adorable.  My favorites are the top two.

I haven't given up the search yet though!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tucked Into Skirts: The Easy Way

Right now everywhere I go, girls are tucking their shirts in.

Picture found here

They're tucking shirts into jeans, into skirts, some even into shorts.

For the most part, it looks great!  Tucked in shirts look so much cleaner for some reason, and definitely can pull an outfit together.

For some reason, the art of "tucking in a shirt" is one I'm still learning.  So, when I see 2-in-1 combo dresses that give me the "tucked-in" look without the hassle, I'll take it.

Here are my favorites:

1.) Perfectly work-appropriate:
Half Stripe Sweater Dress: The Limited, $89.90
2.)  Since I love black and white combos, I had to include the one above and these two below:
Accidentally In Love White Blouse Dress: Piperlime, $59.

Colorblocked Dress, Forever 21: $19.80
Probably best for a night out on the town, but not to work!

3.) With an edge:
Gap Mixed Fabric Dress: $79.95
4.) Girly-girl:
CLuce Polka Dot Dress, Piperlime: $64

5.) Fun and pretty:
Navy Yellow Dress: Shabby Apple, $86.

You may be someone who prefers to buy separates and tuck them in on their own for the look.  If it looks good on you, go for it!
These dresses just make it a little simpler by already combining the two for you.

Unfortunately there is no 2-in-1 combo item of clothing for tucking shirts into jeans.  For that, we're on our own!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Look for Less: Basic Black Dress

I believe that no one can ever have too much black in their closet.  It's slimming and goes with everything.

The dresses I chose for today can be office appropriate, dinner date appropriate, or even wedding guest appropriate.    You honestly cannot go wrong with a LBD!

1.) A basic Kate Spade dress (Yes, Kate Spade does make clothes, not just purses and jewelry!):

Dress, Kate Spade: $358
2.) Below, a cute option for less from Gap:
Dress, Gap: $59.95

3.) Below, another cute dress for even less at Kohl's:
Dress: Elle for Kohl's: $45
If you haven't been into a Kohl's in a while, I highly recommend heading in!  They have some really cute clothing lines: LC Lauren Conrad, Simply Vera Wang line, and even Rock and Republic now.
Now, if only I could find more items of clothing that are as versatile as the LBD...

Friday, August 31, 2012

High Waist Jeans

Why is it that American Apparel models (or any models) can make certain clothes look amazing?

Even though I know those certain clothes would not look amazing on me?

Case in point:
High Waist Jeans: American Apparel, $72

My brain says: "These are not a good purchase for you.  The waist is way too high for your short-waisted self."
My heart says: "But 98% of the reviewers recommend them!  The reviewers say they are comfortable, flattering, and they even use the word perfect!"
My brain says: "Just, No."

Well, if the AA jeans aren't for you (or me), here are a few other high-waisted options:

7 For All Mankind High Waisted Skinny Jeans, $132

BDG High-Rise Jean, Urban Outfitters: $58

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Style Makeover: Classroom Edition

I thought I would show a little bit of my "classroom style" today.

In June, the classrooms get emptied out, cleaned out, and end up pretty barren.
So, I've spent much of my August fixing mine up for the school year.

I'm proud of how it turned out and I'm excited to have it full of my new fourth grade kids.

Here are some before/afters:

Front of Room (Before)
Front of Room (After)
Notice: Curtains, bulletin boards, and white paint.

Back of Room (Before)

Back of Room (After)
Notice: More white paint, more bulletin boards, books.

I will still be tweaking the room a little as the year starts, but for now that's probably most of it.
I'm so thankful to awesome women who helped me out greatly, Mary Kay and Lynn.

I can already tell it will be a great school year!
Now to enjoy sleeping in just a few last days...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Look for Less: Tuxedo Flats

If you are a heels girl, this post might not appeal to you.

I am definitely a ballet-flat girl.  I am almost always in flats unless it's a weekend night and I'm going out.

So, when I started seeing these slipper-looking flats popping up around town, my interest was piqued.

Picture from here
The style of shoe seems very retro to me.  It reminds me of what my mom probably wore to work in the 90's (not in the wild prints though.  More like the print on the far right).

But, they look comfortable to me and perfect for a casual office environment (i.e. my classroom).

I've seen them labeled as smoking flats, smoking slipper flats, tuxedo flats, and ballet loafers.  I'm sure they go by other names as well.  I wonder if the term will become more streamlined as the look becomes more popular?

I can't imagine the term "smoking slipper" sticking around when they make these shoes for children.

Although the leopard print is adorable and the sequined ones are even more adorable, I'm showing basic black here for practical reasons:


Donald J Pliner 'Denda' Flat, Nordstrom: $198

STEVEN by Steve Madden Shoes, Valantne Smoking Flats, Macys: $119
I know that looks like a typo: "Valantne", but I swear that's the name of the shoe!
Mossimo Vianca Tuxedo Flat, Target: $19.99
My extra thoughts: sometimes it's worth paying a little more for shoes if you are someone who plans to stand up for hours on end in them.

Now, I just have to convince myself that the basic black is a smarter choice than those super cute sparkly ones...

Check back tomorrow for before and after pictures of my classroom setup!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Black and White Combos

I don't know what it is, but lately I have been just loving black and white combo outfits.

I appreciate bright colors just as much as the next girl, but right now I'm all about black and white.

Here are some favorite picks:

1.) I love this white top with black collar and cuffs.
It would be so cute with skinny black pants or jeans:

Top: Target, $22.99

2.) Necklace-printed dress, love the white band around the waist for a slimming look:
Dress: Dorothy Perkins, $57
Note: In the dress above, the "necklace" is screen printed on.  It is not an attached actual necklace, just fyi.

3.) Black lace and white dress:
(I just can't get enough of lace!)

Lace dress: Asos, $93.67

4.) What better place to look for black and white combo clothes than White House Black Market? Below:

Skirt: White House, Black Market, $79.99

Just in case this wasn't enough black & white for you, Pinterest has plenty of it here!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flannel for Fall

It feels odd to write this post because it has been seriously hot here these past few days (well, this whole summer actually).

But fall is coming soon, and nothing says fall to me more than cotton flannel plaid-patterned shirts.

Funny how fashion works, because it wasn't too many years ago that I was pleading with my dad to get rid of his collection of plaid flannel shirts.

And now, plaid flannel is a staple of fall for me.

I'm the one wearing flannel in this pic, but I'm pretty sure my dad still wears flannel shirts, regardless of whether it's "in" or not.
For someone (like me) who is almost always too cold, flannel is just a perfect way to feel comfy and cozy without actually wearing a big hoodie around.

Flannel with skinny jeans and heels!
Picture from Pinterest

Here are my picks for this fall:

1.)  Nothing says "warm and cozy" like The North Face.
Flannel shirt,  North Face: $65.00

2.)  A cute flannel from J.Crew factory:
Flannel shirt: J.Crew Factory, $54.50

3.)  Target has this shirt in tons of color combos.  Love it:
Flannel shirt, Target: $17.99
Note: The above shirt is from the Target Juniors section, so it might run a little small.  And is also 100% cotton, so might shrink a little.  Just a heads up.

A final thought from me:
If you want the soft, warm, fuzzy feeling of flannel, you might not get it with one of the many plaid shirts that are out there (like this or this).  Be specific in your search for the flannel material (if it's what you want).

And try not to wear your cute fall flannel until at least some of the leaves are changing color!  When it still feels like summer out, it's probably too soon for flannel.