Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Style Makeover: Classroom Edition

I thought I would show a little bit of my "classroom style" today.

In June, the classrooms get emptied out, cleaned out, and end up pretty barren.
So, I've spent much of my August fixing mine up for the school year.

I'm proud of how it turned out and I'm excited to have it full of my new fourth grade kids.

Here are some before/afters:

Front of Room (Before)
Front of Room (After)
Notice: Curtains, bulletin boards, and white paint.

Back of Room (Before)

Back of Room (After)
Notice: More white paint, more bulletin boards, books.

I will still be tweaking the room a little as the year starts, but for now that's probably most of it.
I'm so thankful to awesome women who helped me out greatly, Mary Kay and Lynn.

I can already tell it will be a great school year!
Now to enjoy sleeping in just a few last days...

1 comment:

MFMom said...

Your classroom looks wonderful! The white paint was a good idea as it brightens up the room. Love the bulletin boards too!