Thursday, August 9, 2012

How To...

I thought I'd do a "How-To" post today.  As I posted about earlier, I've been in a few weddings this year.  With weddings comes bachelorette parties, hence today's post:

How to Have a Fun Bachelorette Party

1.) Get sequins:  Make sure each girl is wearing some type of sequin!  Skirt, top, headband, or dress.  Sequins are very rarely appropriate to wear as adult women, so when the chance arises, take it!

If you're the bride - this is your turn to wear white, so go for it!

2.) Get boas!  These are super fun to bring to any bar, even though they might annoy other people there by dropping tiny feathers everywhere you go.  Make sure to get some pics before you bring out the boas, though.  They kind of cover up the cute dresses...

3.) Don't forget the embarrassing accessories for the bride.

Bachelorette Items: Ebay, $19.98

Heaven knows my girls put enough ridiculous accessories on me when it was my turn:

4.) A beverage of your choice.

Drink found here

5.) Of course, add in some awesome girlfriends and lots of dancing, and you're all set!

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