Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday's Look for Less

Today's Look for Less once again features Burberry as the expensive option.

This Burberry jacket is completely a classic, so for those with the $, it is probably worth it!

Jacket: Burberry, $495

For me, though, if I'm spending $500 on a jacket, it will be the warmest winter jacket possible (something like this).  Not a lightweight fall jacket.

So, L.L.Bean offers a great alternative at a more reasonable price:

Jacket: LL.Bean, $129.

You get the same quilted look, minus the signature Burberry check on the cuffs.  L.L.Bean has snuck in some check on their cuffs and lining, but it is clearly not the Burberry check.  No need, though, it is still quite a cute jacket.

L.L. Bean is probably not big on the latest trends... but if you're looking for a classic jacket that will wear well and not look out of style in the future, then this is it!

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