Friday, August 10, 2012

Classroom Setup (from the couch)

Well it is that time of year again: Almost time to get ready for school!

Students return in 3.5 weeks:
I don't usually look like such a scrub at work, I swear...
This was a casual Friday during my student teaching!

Teachers return in.... well anytime, depending on if we want to spend the entire month of August decorating our classroom or not...

I thought I'd kick start the whole classroom set up process from the comfort of my own home.

On my laptop.

On my couch.

Doing what I do best.

Online shopping.

Here are just a couple items I ordered today:

1. )  Personalized "Mrs. Lindsay" pencils.  I have no problem sharing pencils with my students.  In fact, I want them to use every single pencil I ever bring in to the classroom.  But, I also want them to return the pencils at the end of class so I can sharpen them and put them out for the next day.  Hopefully, by personalizing the pencils, this should help.
Pencils: $18 for 72 at Oriental Trading Co.

2.)  Personalized "Welcome to Mrs. Lindsay's Classroom" sign.  This decal is made to be stuck to the floor, but I will be putting it on the door of my classroom instead.  It's too nice looking to get stepped on!

Welcome sign, $16 at Oriental Trading Co.
I think the owls are cute.
I hope my fourth graders don't think they're too baby-ish!

3.) All-Purpose Teacher's Organizer
This looks like a perfect way to organize the papers and assignments for each day.
I didn't purchase this one, but am planning on making it myself possibly..

Now, to figure out how to do more classroom set up from the comfort of my couch....


Sam @ said...

i've been doing tons of preparing from the couch this week as well!

Sarah's Style said...

It's the best way to go! At least until there's nothing left to do from home...