Monday, August 13, 2012

High School Reunion

Pioneer High class of 2002 had our 10-year reunion last Saturday night.

590 people graduated in the class and only about 90 of those people came.  I couldn't believe more people didn't come.  Maybe with facebook now, people don't see the need to come to a reunion.

Are high school reunions becoming obsolete?

I thought it was an awesome night though, even with the low turnout.

Just for fun, here we are, 10 years ago:
Sparkles, spaghetti straps, and tight up-dos must have been the cool look to have...

Here we are, last night:
My dress found here, Steph's dress (far right) found here

I thought it was cool to see old classmates, hear where people are now, and catch up.

There were  4 reunion events (I only went to one): A Friday night pre-party, a Saturday morning football game, the Saturday night dinner/dancing, and a Sunday afternoon picnic.

Despite the low turnout, it was still a great evening.

And a big thank you to my husband and Steph's husband for being our designated drivers of the evening!  My sweet husband spent the evening dry-walling our basement, and woke up from sleeping at 1:30 am to come pick us up.  I'm a lucky girl to have him.


Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Love the throwback pic! I graduate 03 so mine def have that same look the style back then is awful compared to now! To be honest I'm not going to go to my reunion. I didn't like high school that much & I gues I just don't care what those people are doing. Plus like you said Facebook makes everything so easy now! New follower! Xo Kelly

Sarah's Style said...

I thought my updo was hot stuff at the time haha.
Facebook is funny - it makes it way easier to plan a reunion, but it also makes lots of us not need to go, bc we know what everyone's up to!
Thanks so much for following!

Stephanie's Classroom Ideas said...

I love the pic from 10 years ago!! We have changed so much : )

MFMom said...

I remember when we took that photo 10 years ago. You girls all looked so pretty but today you look much more beautiful, elegant and sophisticated.