Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Look for Less: Tuxedo Flats

If you are a heels girl, this post might not appeal to you.

I am definitely a ballet-flat girl.  I am almost always in flats unless it's a weekend night and I'm going out.

So, when I started seeing these slipper-looking flats popping up around town, my interest was piqued.

Picture from here
The style of shoe seems very retro to me.  It reminds me of what my mom probably wore to work in the 90's (not in the wild prints though.  More like the print on the far right).

But, they look comfortable to me and perfect for a casual office environment (i.e. my classroom).

I've seen them labeled as smoking flats, smoking slipper flats, tuxedo flats, and ballet loafers.  I'm sure they go by other names as well.  I wonder if the term will become more streamlined as the look becomes more popular?

I can't imagine the term "smoking slipper" sticking around when they make these shoes for children.

Although the leopard print is adorable and the sequined ones are even more adorable, I'm showing basic black here for practical reasons:


Donald J Pliner 'Denda' Flat, Nordstrom: $198

STEVEN by Steve Madden Shoes, Valantne Smoking Flats, Macys: $119
I know that looks like a typo: "Valantne", but I swear that's the name of the shoe!
Mossimo Vianca Tuxedo Flat, Target: $19.99
My extra thoughts: sometimes it's worth paying a little more for shoes if you are someone who plans to stand up for hours on end in them.

Now, I just have to convince myself that the basic black is a smarter choice than those super cute sparkly ones...

Check back tomorrow for before and after pictures of my classroom setup!

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