Sunday, August 26, 2012

Flannel for Fall

It feels odd to write this post because it has been seriously hot here these past few days (well, this whole summer actually).

But fall is coming soon, and nothing says fall to me more than cotton flannel plaid-patterned shirts.

Funny how fashion works, because it wasn't too many years ago that I was pleading with my dad to get rid of his collection of plaid flannel shirts.

And now, plaid flannel is a staple of fall for me.

I'm the one wearing flannel in this pic, but I'm pretty sure my dad still wears flannel shirts, regardless of whether it's "in" or not.
For someone (like me) who is almost always too cold, flannel is just a perfect way to feel comfy and cozy without actually wearing a big hoodie around.

Flannel with skinny jeans and heels!
Picture from Pinterest

Here are my picks for this fall:

1.)  Nothing says "warm and cozy" like The North Face.
Flannel shirt,  North Face: $65.00

2.)  A cute flannel from J.Crew factory:
Flannel shirt: J.Crew Factory, $54.50

3.)  Target has this shirt in tons of color combos.  Love it:
Flannel shirt, Target: $17.99
Note: The above shirt is from the Target Juniors section, so it might run a little small.  And is also 100% cotton, so might shrink a little.  Just a heads up.

A final thought from me:
If you want the soft, warm, fuzzy feeling of flannel, you might not get it with one of the many plaid shirts that are out there (like this or this).  Be specific in your search for the flannel material (if it's what you want).

And try not to wear your cute fall flannel until at least some of the leaves are changing color!  When it still feels like summer out, it's probably too soon for flannel.

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Sarah Eliz said...

I love love love plaid flannel! I'll be following along and hope you'll circle back around to see me! Xo, Sarah