Monday, August 6, 2012

High School Reunion - Dress (part 2)

I (finally) found a dress to wear to my high school reunion.

After ordering a dress online, only to have it fit all wrong when it arrived, I decided that the good old-fashioned mall is where I needed to go.

I started at Ann Taylor Loft, where they were having a $30 off dresses sale.

I tried on this cute dress, but it was just okay.

Dress: Loft, $89.50
I headed over to try Ann Taylor instead.  Some girls think Ann Taylor is for middle aged women, but I swear it is not.
As I walked in, the saleswoman (not lying) said "Hello, welcome to Ann - wow, haven't seen you here in a really long time!"
I wasn't sure what to say.  "Umm I used to have a bit of a clothing shopping compulsion (I was seriously at the mall 3X a week), but now I'm married and I have a grocery shopping compulsion (I'm seriously at the grocery store 3X per week).

All I said was, "I look a lot online now," which unfortunately seemed to disappoint her.  Well, I made up for lost time by purchasing a dress from her.

In fact, the dress that I will be wearing to my high school reunion!
Note, the print is definitely more wild than I ever wear, but the fit was so comfortable and easy.

Looking forward to wearing it Saturday!

Dress: Ann Taylor, $89.99

 Kate Hudson in a similar dress for the Ann Taylor Fall 2012 campaign

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