Thursday, August 2, 2012

Athletic Wear

Unfortunately, no one has ever (or will ever) call me "athletic".  I cannot throw a ball very far, and I definitely can't catch one.

I worked as a camp counselor one summer, and ended up with a huge blue/black bruise on my face for about a month due to a mishap in dodgeball.

No matter where I am on the fitness spectrum, there is nothing I enjoy wearing more around the house and running errands than athletic apparel.  Basically, if I'm not at work, not out to dinner or somewhere that requires looking nice, then I am in "yoga wear".

Unfortunately, it's not exactly cheap.  Here are some faves I am craving right now:

Tank: Lole from Zappos: on sale for $39.99

Pants: Athleta: on sale for $49.99
These just look so comfy for working out in or running errands in.

Lululemon Astro Pant: $98

I know, this price seems outrageous for simple yoga pants.  But these pants are not just simple.  They can be worn anywhere and everywhere.  They stay put during workouts, they withstand plenty of washings and still look new.  Lulu is definitely a rare treat for me because of it's high price, it's so worth it.
"I'm wearing sweats while cooking dinner, but my husband doesn't realize it because these pants look so good." -Me

Hoodie: Athleta on sale for $54.99

Love this hoodie, it would be perfect for putting on when fall gets here (someday).

Now, back to watching those actual athletes in the Olympics, while I'm comfy on the couch in my athletic gear...

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