Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Gifts - Part 1

A local radio station (100.3) here in Metro Detroit has been playing Christmas music for nearly a month now. Yes - this means the holiday season is fast approaching. Most of us aren't listening to Christmas music quite yet, but it's almost time to start purchasing holiday gifts for loved ones in our lives. Yes "loved ones" at this time of year includes housekeepers, hairdressers, and I suppose even your mailwoman. Today is Part 1 of a three part series of holiday gift suggestions.
I am not "Miss Manners" nor "Dear Abby" so I cannot tell you the appropriate, socially acceptable amount to spend on anyone in particular. What I can offer are my top picks for gifts in any price range. Today I'm starting with an easy amount: Gifts Under $50.

Most girls that I can think of are happy to receive jewelry as gifts. Juicy Couture has a line of relatively inexpensive jewelry including many items under $50. I personally love this simple bangle bracelet (right). The pave heart adds a feminine touch without being overly girly.

For someone who has a passion for fragrances - I am recommending Jessica Simpson Fancy perfume (right). I received this perfume as a birthday gift, and and it elicits countless compliments every time I've worn it. The scent is a warm, sweet vanilla aroma, and the cute bottle and packaging make it a perfect gift. ($49 at Dillards).

For another gift idea, you can't go wrong with mittens or gloves. Everyone has experienced the accidental loss of one half of their pair or mittens or gloves. For this reason, no one can have too many extra pairs. In addition, Michigan girls know difficulty of keeping warm while also looking nice, so finding cute gloves that keep fingers toasty can be a challenge. Shown at left, a pair of warm, durable, (yet also attractive) mittens from Moosejaw. These mittens come in white, blue, or black and are $25 at Moosejaw. If you want to splurge, go ahead and buy the matching hat as well. If your gift recipient prefers a more sleeker look - Target has adorable tweed and leather gloves for only $17.99. Bloomingdales as well has leather driving gloves (below, left) on sale for only $24.

For any girls who love fashion, photography, or even just loved watching Full House - buy the newly published Influence by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. These girls have built an empire around their name, and this book provides their interesting insights to the fashion world.

Good luck searching for the right gifts and stay tuned for Part 2 of my Holiday gift series!

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