Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Gifts - Part 2

Today I am writing Part 2 of my Gifts blog - Gifts Under $25.
This season, many people will no doubt be setting limits around the $25 range. Four of my top choices are pictured below. First is Vera Bradley stationery for $17. I love Vera Bradley bags, but those are over $25 generally. There are plenty of V.B. options under $25, and shown here is the luxe stationery. Vera Bradley can always be purchased at, but there are plenty of Hallmark stores around that carry the designer. If you live near Ann Arbor and want to save on shipping, a favorite of mine is Ge
orgetown Gifts (next to Barnes and Noble). Georgetown Gifts has an immense selection of Vera Bradley, and will order for you what they don't have.
My next suggestion for gifts under $25 is candles! You can never go wrong with candles. For the largest size Yankee Candle, you will spend between $5 - $25, but they come in smaller sizes as well so you can enjoy the scent for as little as $7. Next in line for gift suggestions under $25 are cozy slippers. (Lower left corner). Please don't buy anyone fuzzy, tacky, or animal shaped slippers. I like this sleek grey pair from the Gap for $24.50.
Last but not least, in the bottom right corner, I LOVE this Michael Kors lip gloss/perfume duo from Sephora for $22. No girl can ever have too many lip glosses, especially from a designer brand. It's double sided and on the reverse is a roller ball of Michael Kors perfume. Enjoy shopping for your gifts under $25!


TinyJ said...

Another cool gift for a fashionista friend (guy or girl) under $25 is a magazine subscription. You can get a year of BAZAAR or VOGUE or GQ or whatever for usually around $12 (a buck per issue), which is a double perk for your friend, since that is obviously WAY cheaper than buying it off the rack each month. A friend did this for me for my birthday and it was great.

midwestfashionista said...

Ooh great suggestion Jess! :-)