Wednesday, November 5, 2008

J. Crew

Congratulations to Barak Obama on this landmark election. His beautiful wife, Michelle, is quite the stylish first wife, and in fact is a fan of a favorite brand of mine - J. Crew. Almost every Midwestern girl I know is a fan of J. Crew, and it's nice to see a famous face wearing J.Crew instead of Dior. For the average girl, J. Crew (although cheaper than Dior) is still very overpriced for certain items - in fact so overpriced that I don't usually recommend even shopping there. But, J. Crew sale items are almost always reasonably priced. This weekend, all J. Crew sale items are an additional 30% off when you use the code EXTRA30 at checkout. The website does this about once a month - they give an extra 30% off all sale items. Most items go on sale - so if you want to dress like Michelle Obama, go ahead, shop at J. Crew, but buy when it's on sale and especially this weekend when the special code gets you 30% off the sale items.

Speaking of sales: Right now is's half-yearly sale. Lacoste polos for $33 - not too shabby! Happy sale-ing! :-)

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TinyJ said...

Mmm, love the Nordstrom half yearly sale! I've already ordered a pair of flat brown knee high boots. J. Crew sales are great too--although I too am always shocked by some of their retail prices. Remember when they used to be on-par with the Gap back in middle school??