Thursday, November 13, 2008


After begging Michigan Fashionista readers to incorporate color into their holiday outfits this winter - I felt I had neglected a classic staple: the little black dress. I absolutely love the LBD. Buy a quality one and wear it for years to come. You can wear one to multiple events and occasions, just change your accessories up to play with your look. I have found a few adorable (and inexpensive) little black dresses that are perfect for this holiday season.

First, this lace and tulle little black dress (right) on sale at Nordstrom. Originally almost $200 it is now priced at $83. It is a fun and playful take on the LBD, and manages to show just enough skin without being too much.

Three options of little black dresses that I adore:
Left: Nordstrom for $81.90, center: Ann Taylor for $79, right: Gap for $78.

If you aren't ready for lace and frills, I have found three basic LBDs (below). Each of these options can be dressed up or down depending on the layering and accessories you choose.
Left: Victoria's Secret, $75. Middle: American Apparel, $44, Right: Banana Republic, $
Remember, wearing color is fun and generally more attention-grabbing, but you can never go wrong with basic black!

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TinyJ said...

I love color in theory, but literally had to MAKE myself buy a jewel-toned cocktail dress for this charity thing I go to every year. Why? Because I always gravitate towards black dresses! They are great and you can wear any jewelry and mix things up with shoes/bag/hose etc. I love that Ann Taylor dress. You could even swing it when the weather gets warm again.