Saturday, November 1, 2008

Warm Coats (that won't make you look fat!!)

Every winter I face the same problem. The temperature drops, I bring out my warmest daytime coat, and after putting it on I appear about 30 pounds heavier than I truly am. This year I refuse to settle for casual coats that are only capable of keeping me warm by being bulky. There must be stores out there selling coats with plenty of insulation and yet not too insulated that I look like a snowman. A current winter jacket of mine, (exhibit A, left), does an excellent job of keeping me warm; However it does a very poor job of helping me look slim and trim.
After browsing a few local stores and a few online shops, I have come to a conclusion about winter coats: They almost all make you chubbier than you really are.
Key word is almost. I have found that longer, belted coats are the closest I can come to protection from freezing Michigan winter weather and yet somehow slimming my look down. Below, I've found three coats that do the job wonderfully. Below, far left is a long belted coat from Gap. Originally $128 it is currently on sale for $89.50. I love the pink "berry" and the white "stardust", but the practical side of me says to stick with "blue gray" or plain black. In the center, I found a Michael Kors coat at Once again, the cinching in the middle hopefully will slim your look. On the right below, I found a slimming, belted Kenneth Cole jacket for $109 at Nordstrom. Keywords in the description of these jackets: lightweight yet warm. One final note about longer, belted jackets. These are adorable, yet if you are extremely short in stature, these may not be the coat for you. They can keep you warm, but they don't do anything to make you look taller.

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