Monday, October 27, 2008

Leather Jackets - too wild? Or cute and fun?

Today I'm writing about an apparel item that generally cannot be purchased inexpensively - the leather jacket. Leather jackets (like the one Ashley Olsen is wearing, left) can run you over $300. Spending that much is highly unnecessary and I have found several equally cute alternatives for far less $$.
But first, why buy one? Because although it sounds funny, wearing one makes you feel cool. Even if you are pretty far from being a rebellion, you will feel like one in a leather jacket. It can give a confidence that comes from looking dangerous.
Please note - leather can be cute - but do not buy a long leather trench, that's not so cute. Also, please don't get a patent leather jacket. Save shiny patent leather for purses and shoes.
Also note - I am not encouraging leather jackets for their capability of keeping you warm this winter. Whether you purchase real leather or faux-leather, the jacket will not be warming you up as if it were a North Face.
So, if you are ready to look like a biker chick, ignore the cold, and purchase one, here are my recomendations:
On the top right, I love this leather jacket from for $79.95 - much cheaper than you almost ever pay for real leather. This site looks weird because it sells all kinds of motorcycle gear - but some of the jackets are really cute even for non-motorcycle gals. In the middle right, I found this black leather jacket at Nordstrom for a steal - down from $298 to $118. (This one looks kind of short, so I would order one size up). Lastly, I found a faux-leather jacket at Target that looks just equally as motorcycle-cool as the other two real leather ones, and yet is on sale for only $24.99.
Enjoy your leather jacket, but stay away from those motorcycles! ;-)


Blogger_707 said..., wow great find

midwestfashionista said...

Well credit for goes to my bf, a hardcore motorcycle guy.