Sunday, October 19, 2008

Liquid Leggings - To buy or not to try?

Last night I found myself with several friends at a rap concert downtown Detroit. Normally I am not inclined to attend ghetto rap concerts - however upon being invited, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to wear my brand new "liquid" leggings.
For those not so fashionably aware - liquid leggings are hot. Everyone knows cotton leggings came back into style 2 years ago and haven't left. "Liquid" is another way of saying "pleather" or faux-leather. Different brands use different materials - but almost all use polyester and Nylon. A few important facts to note about them - 1.) they are skin tight. 2.) they are shiny. 3.) they must be worn at night only and with tall, sexy heels.
After finding a simple top to wear with my shiny black leggings, I felt confident heading into Detroit knowing I would be the only girl with this awesome look going on. Imagine my thoughts when I counted more than 6 girls with the identical liquid leggings/tight shirt/heels combination as mine. Even the girl rapper on stage was wearing the same leggings and she accentuated the look with tattoos all over her bod. Apparently, I am not the first to notice this trend. Normally, other girls wearing my unique outfit choice would bother me - but these leggings are so tight and so attention-grabbing on everyone wearing them, I didn't mind at all.
If you have a nightclub outing, rap concert, or other such wild evening event to attend in the near future - pick up a pair of these. A bargain at American Apparel for $42.

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