Friday, October 17, 2008

My First Post - Skinny Jeans


Welcome to Michigan Fashionista. While Michigan is not quite a fashion breeding ground like NYC or LA, there are a few nice girls here who like to shop and love making great clothing and accessory purchases (at reasonable prices). This blog is for those girls. This blog is for a place for me to contemplate what trends are worthy of buying and what aren't worth dropping the cash on. I am currently in graduate school at the University of Michigan, and so my budget reflects that of today's economy. All purchases I recommend will be under $200, (except for handbags, which will all be under $300). That's right, you can dress top-notch without paying top-dollar, and I'm here to help.

My first posting is about skinny jeans. A trend started by Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the Olsen twins, I immediately fell for skinny jeans and bought my very first pair two years ago, in fall of 2006. I loved them and have bought several additional pairs since. Skinny jeans can look sexy at night with a pair of heels, and are equally as fabulous worn during the day with ballet flats.

There have been lots of magazine articles on skinny jeans, plenty of which claim misleadingly: "Skinny Jeans for All Body Types". I apologize, but skinny jeans are not for all body types. There are plenty of excellent denim options out there for pear-shaped gals, and 7 For All Mankind makes great jeans for all body types. Skinny jeans, however, are not for All Body Types.

My favorite skinny jeans are J Brand and Rich & Skinny. Equally excellent fits, and after many washings, neither have lost color or shrunk at all. These however, are each over $150. For great quality skinny jeans at a better price, head on over to Urban Outfitters. Free People makes an excellent pair for $68. In addition, Gap has excellent skinny jeans that are next on my to-buy list.

The current questions that arise for me are: how much longer will the skinny leg trend last? Is it a trend worth investing in further (i.e. buying another pair)? Will men in the midwest pick up on this trend for them? And what brands look best on what body types? How long until skinny jeans are suddenly "no longer cool"? That will be a tragic day on UMich's campus because girls here wear our skinny jeans everywhere here.

Come back to Michigan Fashionista again to read more on the latest trends for this season and next, including plaid, liquid leggings, and leather jackets.


Andrea said...

remember when SUPER flare jeans (Silver jeans etc.) were in style like back in the beginning of HS, then they totally just went out of style like over night? I think that's what's going to happen to the skinny jean trend too sometime soon! hmmmm. haha I agree though, skinny jeans are still really cute right now for both day & night!!

midwestfashionista said...

Yes in high school super flare jeans were all anyone wore! And I thought "tapered" jeans were the worst thing ever - but that's exactly what skinny jeans are - tapered haha.

TinyJ said...

Haha, they aren't quite as bad as the tapered, high-waisted jeans from the 80's. The bunching at the ankles and slightly straighter leg makes them balance out much better aesthetically. Plus, the rise is so much more practical!

Wide-leg/trouser cut jeans were becoming popular here in NYC over the summer (cooler, I guess) but skinnies are back this fall and winter because they tuck into boots oh-so-nice!

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