Monday, October 20, 2008

UGGS - It has to be said

This posting is not going to say what fashionistas everywhere have been saying for years (Uggs are ug as in ugly). I'm not going to say that they are totally unattractive, (it's been said plenty of times by plenty of people). I will say, however that I am sick of still seeing Uggs as an unfortunate daytime wardrobe staple on otherwise cute girls. I live in Michigan, I understand that it gets cold, snowy, and a little unbearable in the winter here - in winter. Not fall. On a 60° day in October, there is no reason for your Uggs to be worn - even just for class. In fact, there is no reason for your Uggs to be brought out until after Thanksgiving or at least the first snowfall.
I understand that nothing beats the comfort, convenience, and ease of Uggs for a go-to casual look. And plus, if you paid over $150, you don't want that money to go to waste, right? Well wear them if you must, but please not in October.
If you are ready for some new alternatives, I am here to help. If you are stuck on the Ugg brand, there is an adorable new winter '08 style (left) that is equally as comfy and practical, but with more detail (a bow!). At Nordstrom for a steep $179.
A second option: if you are willing to part with the Ugg
brand, take a fashion step forward, and save money, try these suede flat boots from (right). All four colors are cute but I am very partial to the grey. The price? At just $60, these are an ideal replacement for your Uggs. Looking for shoes of any kind, style, or price, definitely try The main reason I use zappos is because the shoes will literally arrive in two days and also because the shipping is free. Fast shipping is always a bonus for me.
My third recommendation of the day (left) are adorable riding-type boots and can be found for $128 at Urban Outfitters. And it goes without saying - all boots mentioned here can be worn with skinny jeans tucked in, or for bolder girls, with a fall skirt or dress.
NOTE: you can wear all boots on this page in winter, but only after you weatherproof!
One final thought: I'm interested in reader's opinions: "boots with the fur..." Will you wear them this winter? Or have you been over them for quite some time now?


Blogger_707 said...

You go girl! Tell 'em how it is!

Dustin said...

I've been saying this since 2002. Word to your mother.

TinyJ said...

YES. I have never been an UGG girl. Not now, not ever. The only time they were ever appropriate is with sweats on a 3am pizza run. Flat boots are much more stylish, practical and, as you've proved, cheaper!