Friday, October 17, 2008

Plaid for Everyone!

I am dedicating my second blog posting to a trend that began last winter, disappeared over summer (obvi), but has picked up in full force this fall: PLAID. I have not only seen plaid popping up on undergrad girls headed to class - but even more commonly, paired with skinny jeans and heels at bars and nightclubs.
For men, this trend is easy because
they surely have plaid in their closets from 10 years ago. For women, this trend is easy because you don't have to pay a fortune to buy a cute plaid shirt. In fact, you shouldn't pay a fortune because it's not like a black tee that can be worn daily with no one noticing. READ: Wear your plaid too much and people will notice.
Wearing plaid is adorable in fall, especially for activities like carving pumpkins, raking leaves, or bar-hopping. In addition, it's equally adorable in winter layered with dark jeans for a holiday party, under a sweater for casual wear, or like L. Lohan (left), paired with black leggings and heels.
My recommendations for any Michigan Fashionista's first plaid purchases are (from left to right, below): Urban Outfitters: $48., Target: $22.99, Gap: $44, and Gap: $44.

There is one more item I must mention about plaid this season: not only is it showing up on shirts everywhere, but it is showing up on coats everywhere. Yes, these plaid coats are super cute (some of them are super cute). Some are not cute in any way. Cute or ug, they are not practical for a Michigan Fashionista. They will look outdated by fall of 2009. If you truly feel you need a plaid coat to fit in this winter - my advice is to head to Forever 21. They currently have more plaid coats in stock than necessary, and you will spend under $50 no matter what. Happy Sweetest Day!

I'm mad for plaid:

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