Monday, July 16, 2012

1-Year Anniversary

Today marks exactly one year that Brian and I have been married.

One big relationship area that we've both become better at is: compromise.

We celebrated our anniversary this past weekend with a compromise:  day at the pool with friends (my choice), motorcycle ride (his choice), plus picnic for two with wine at the Arb (my choice).

Overall, we had a wonderful weekend celebrating a wonderful year.

Look closely at the picture below, taken on our walk through the Arb.  What is something here not normally seen in the middle of an urban city park?

Tank: Express, Skirt: Land's End Canvas

Yes, that's a hawk behind me on the bench, and his hawk friend in the bushes, in the middle of Ann Arbor.  What a cool surprise to see, and so close!

I may or may not have asked my husband if they were wild turkeys.

I do need glasses.

 Happy one year of being married!

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