Sunday, July 22, 2012

10-Year Reunion: What to Wear

My 10-year high school reunion is coming up soon, which is creating quite the fashion dilemma for me.

I have been perusing my favorite sites for online options, but am yet to find a dress just right for this event.

I would like a dress that says, simultaneously:

- I am much more mature and serious than I was in 2002
- I have better taste in clothing now than I did in 2002
- I am not trying to impress anyone

I would like a dress that costs under $150, unless it is truly an amazing find, then I could possibly spend more on it.

I even dared googling "what to wear to a high school reunion" and the result said: Sheath dresses are best because they are classy without revealing too much.

Sheaths are tough for me, because I am very slim-hipped, with not much of a "defined waist" per-say.
I do like this one:

Dress: $98, Banana Republic

But, I'm worried that the pink option is way too bright for me (not trying to stand out here), and the black option is too plain-jane.

This one is classy and cute:

dress, $85:
I even think I could wear it to teach in the classroom once the school year starts.

Well, then that's a problem.  I'm not wearing a "teaching outfit" to the reunion.

I kept browsing, and found a dress that I love:

Dress, $140:

I think this black dress is just adorable.

The only problem is that the sequin sleeves and low neckline don't do much for the "I'm not trying to impress anyone" goal.

I did eventually find the right dress, at the last place I ever thought to look.  More on that in a later post.

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