Friday, July 27, 2012

Team USA Apparel

As you watch the Olympics these next couple of weeks, you may feel compelled to wear some USA apparel.
Ralph Lauren outfitted this year's US Athletes for the Opening Ceremony, and has the exact apparel for purchase (prices not budget friendly).
First, the actual blazers Team USA wore:

Ceremony Blazer: Ralph Lauren, $598

USA Track Jacket: Ralph Lauren, $165

If you still want to sport the USA Olympic look, for under $50, here are some other options:
Tee Shirt: $24.95

Polo shirt: $48

Sweatshirt: $31.95

Yes, this sweatshirt is not as classy as the Ralph Lauren blazer, but I would likely get more use out of it.

In September, once the games are over, Ralph Lauren will probably mark down ALL of their Team USA gear.  It would be a smart time to buy some USA apparel, since you'll have a chance to wear it on 4th of July every single year and also during any Olympic season.

Olympian clothing: priced above
Olympian body: priceless

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