Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday's Look for Less

As I was browsing online for dresses today (this is a favorite past time of mine), I came across a beautiful blue and black number (below).  It manages to look both casual and dressy at the same time.  It's not too revealing, it's classy, and it says "I'm not trying to impress".

The only minor problem, it is Burberry and over $300.

Now, there are certain times in life when a girl must spend over $300 on a dress, and for me, that time was my wedding day.  And as my mother can testify, $300 would have been an extremely good price for that day.

But for a casual but classy dress?  $300 is too much for me.
So, both from the exact same store (nordstrom.com), I found a look for less to share with you today:

Dress: Burberry, on sale for $314

Dress: Aidan Mattox, on sale for $64.97

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