Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pure Barre Ann Arbor

This past week I tried the local Pure Barre workout in Ann Arbor.  It is truly an awesome workout.  Your thighs burn, your muscles shake, and you feel amazing after.  I recommend it to anyone who is ready for a serious challenge and also to see results.

I was inspired to try it after my friend Stephanie introduced me to it.

Notice the awesome definition in her arms!
She credits Pure Barre.

I'll break it down in a list of pros and cons:

- you honestly can see your body toning after only a couple sessions
- the hour-long session goes by very quickly due to constantly changing motions
- low impact!
- great music
- the moves aren't too complicated or complex, so if you're new you can still fit in
- encouraging and helpful teachers
- close location (by Target in A2), and plenty of parking

- the steep price (1 class is $21, although there are packages you can get for some pretty good discounts).

Also, I was sore for honestly over 48 straight hours after my first few classes.  My legs shook as I walked down the stairs. That qualifies as both a pro and a con.

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In summary, it is worth a try, especially at the great new member price of $20 for 10 consecutive days of class.
Just be ready to burn!

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